Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Weathering

It's winter again, and across the nation as temperatures plummet we find ourselves bundling up in our down jackets, woolen hats and scarves, Sorels and gloves.  I love the winter months.  I was born in the winter and I love to play in the snow.  A blizzard never keeps me inside, but instead urges me to get on the mountain and take a few turns on my fat skis in the deep, soft fluffy powder.
As much as I love the winter, my skin does not.  After a day outdoors (which is everyday!) my face feels dry, chapped, and unfortunately... old.  Since the care of my skin is a great and time consuming hobby of mine, I tirelessly search out the perfect, preventative winter product; something that I can slather over my face before I head outdoors to protect my sensitive skin from the harsh effects of winter weather. Since I have tried nearly everything under the sun - I do have a few favorites that I can recommend.

My favorite this year is Weleda - Everon Cold Cream (aka face balm). Made from all natural, organic ingredients, this balm truly protects my skin when I am frolicking in the snow.  Soothing a semi-thick layer over my face before I go outside keeps my skin moist and hydrated, free of the effect of the chaffing wind and cold.  This product keeps my skin healthy and doesn't clog my pores!  At $16.00 a pop, is a real steal.
I also like Darphin's Renewing Balm.  Also made from natural ingredients, this product works just like the Weleda but at more than triple the price.

Wrap up, snuggle up and keep your face protected and skin hydrated as you explore the fun of winter living the most beautiful you.