Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pore No More?

I recently received an e-mail from a friend asking how she can "close up the humongous pores on my nose." Ugh! Pores we all have them - and we all think they are bigger than they actually are and we would all like for them to be invisible. How to shrink or close them is a question I get asked repeatedly. Unfortunately pores are not elastic so they don't actually open and close. They can become enlarged however when we don't take proper care of our skin. Sebum - commonly referred to as zits or blackheads - fill the pore and expand the surrounding skin. Once the sebum is cleared out of the pore it may leave an open pore. So the question is how to get that tiny hole to "close" back down? Well technically, you can't. At least not immediately.

The first step in pore maintenance is healthy, clean skin. This would include washing, toning and moisturizing your face everyday twice a day. It also includes receiving a facial treatment at least once a month with a masque and extractions. If your budget doesn't allow for a professional spa facial, I suggest (and urge) an at home treatment monthly with a spa treatment once yearly. Your at home treatment should include a diatomaceous earth masque and Biore Pore Strips for extracting. I don't recommend manual extraction of pores at home as that can lead to scarring.

Second - Have patience. Enlarged pores are not something that can be reversed overnight.
Lastly - If you don't have patience or are not seeing any noticeable difference after 6 months of proper skin care, there are products out there that can help minimize the appearance of pores.

Clinque makes the widest range of pore minimizing products. From an emergency masque to a silicone based minimizing cosmetic, they are my first choice in pore maintenance.
Murad and Cle De Peau also make rather effective pore minimizing solutions.

Whatever your choice of product, clean skin and a healthy attitude are your first lines of defense. And don't forget your sunscreen!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Afternoon Pick Me Up

Ever start getting those after lunch blues? You know the boredom and exhaustion that can sneak up on you around two or three and all you really want is a coffee or a cola or a piece of chocolate. All those wonderful things that we know aren't really good for us and we know if we could just by-pass them in the afternoon we'd feel better after our workout. Heck, maybe we would even go workout! Well those mid-afternoon dole-drums are a great excuse to try out a new fragrance. Spritzing a dab of perfume is a great and instant afternoon pick-me-up and doesn't harm the waistline or the endorphins. In fact it's good for both. Don't have time to visit the department store counter for a quick spray? Visit some other time when you have time and ask for samples of whatever is new. Stash them in your handbag or a desk drawer and when you feel those lids begin to close, dash a bit on your wrists and neck. Be certain to waft a little under your nose.

Balmain has a delicious new fragrance out with scents of ambergris, tuberose and myrrh.

Other tasty newbies are Urban Musk from Tom Ford
Magnolia Nobile from Aqua di Parma
L'eau Ambree from Prada

Then there are the classic favorites
Coco from Chanel
Issey Miyake
and Jasmine White from Estee Lauder

So go take a whiff or two of something new. Not only will it perk you up, but you may just go home with a favorite new signature fragrance.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick Tip of the Week

Feeling a little faded and don't have time to hit the beach? Try a bronzer. They add instant color and glow to the skin and an instant lift to the spirit.
Gently brush the color over the face, neck and decollette for a natural soft tan look. I avoid the nose as that area tends to darken throughout the day giving new meaning to the term "brown noser".
Some of my favs for the face:

NARS - Laguna
Trish McEvoy - Dual Resort 2

You can also carry that color and glow to the body with some fabulous temporary body bronzing products. From a powder like the one from Lancome to a Body Bronzing gel like the one from Laura Mercier or SmashBox. My new favorite one though is a light oil shimmer body spray from Tarte. Love it! So go for the glow with out the sun damage and let your friends think twice about where you've been.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Looking for a little pick me up as the weather changes to gray and the sparkle of December hasn't hit the shelves yet? Here are a few little treats to warm your heart and add a little shine to your life. Dazzleglass Creme from MAC is a sure fire way to warm up your spirit. A creamier version of the original and available in 9 colors this gloss is sure to keep your lips in tip top dazzling shape.

Another fave for the handbag collection are the new Celestial Shimmer Glossimers from Chanel. With the delicious texture and sparkling colors (available in eight new shades) this is a product certain to delight. (Sorry no photo available, but visit their web site... just click on the Chanel to get there.)

If you need a quick, light, sun-kissed complexion boost try the new Cheek Color Duo from Laura Mercier. Grab your favorite blush brush (mine is the face blender brush from Bobbi Brown AND the bronzer brush from Laura Mercier) sweep the brush over the sensuously soft color palette and dust over the face concentrating on the cheek area. You will experience an immediate soft glow for an uplift that can't be beat on these stormy autumn days.

Don't let the cloudy weather get you down... beat those mid-autumn blues with a little dazzle and shine and enjoy!